Archived Blogs 2013

June 26, 2016

Archived Blogs will help you search specific blog month and year wise. Hope you get to read some real good blogs wherein we have attempted to share our experience. Your feedback will be certainly appreciated as well.

Making of our (yet) another website

We are at it again – revamping our website to ensure that we convey proper message. Take a look at what went in the making of our new website.

What are you doing this recession?

Accepting reality is hard, especially when you do not wish it to be true. I have attempted to share my thoughts and experience candidly in this blog. Check it out…

What is your organization’s OH Quotient?

What qualities do you look out in your organization leaders? Have you considered OH Quotient? Read on to know more…

Difference in perspectives about India

This blog is slightly different in that I have tried to share diverse perspectives about India. Do you agree/differ?

Believe, Win, Laugh

I intend to share a simple yet powerful thought that I came across recently. I have attempted to share it via this blog

ITSMizing the customers

This blog consists of actual ITSM Whitepaper that was submitted to QAI in June 2013.

Abstracts from ITSM Whitepaper submitted

This blog consists of an abstract from an ITSM Whitepaper that has been submitted in June 2013.

Avoid complicating things…

Has it become our tendency or a habit of complicating things? Can we keep it simple? I think so…

Characteristics of our ideal consultant

Perhaps my expectations of an ideal consultant are different; however, thankfully I am glad to say that such consultants exist…

Article submitted for CEO-City

Check out the article that depicts how we manage things at our organization…

Graceful v/s Manipulative Sales

eStomi shares a lesson learnt in sales recently..

Version 2.0

When was the last time you sharpened your axe? Read what are we planning to take ourselves to the next level…