Melodies of ITIL

WHAT ISSUES DOES ITIL SOLVE?  If we can answer this question, we have a basis from which to proceed, a framework within which negative perceptions can be challenged, and a general approach for relating ITIL to any specific new and emerging technologies. I want to be able to explain the problems that ITIL solves using[…]

For a perfect ITSM Tool Selection

ITSM Implementation has so much to check what’s out there and to become bewitched by the functionality offered by the hundreds of ITSM tools available in today’s still-growing tool ecosystem. ITSM PROCESS ENABLEMENT TIPS Make sure the real reasons for wanting to change ITSM tool has an aim – understand the true root cause(s) of[…]

Better Service Desk Performance

Why choose IT service desk performance? It probably just boils down to the same things that drive reliability in service and support success in any organization. If this is the case, why not take a service and support lesson from one of the world’s most successful business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations to see how it tackles this[…]

A pause to chaos with Open-source Software

The challenging economic climate has caused many organizations’ IT budgets to shrink, making it harder for them to adopt new technologies that increase efficiency and output. Proprietary software can eat into an organization’s budget – they’re expensive to buy and the annual licensing fees are an ongoing expense. Another challenge that proprietary software poses is[…]

Top Benefits of ITIL

For companies to spend on IT services without hope of return is not viable anymore, as businesses look for ways to make information technology part of their boardroom discussions. Today, organizations turn to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to achieve this aim. ITIL is designed to standardize IT processes and apply reliable practices across the[…]

ITSM & BSM Socially Integrated

In the world of social era everything needs to be entertaining and less time consuming! These two key features make the use of social integration in ITSM & BSM implementations. If you are running a business that is requiring some grace for being on a golden side than others then you must include Facebook, Twitter[…]