Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

It was certainly unusual day for me that day. I could hear elephants trumpet and horses neigh! It seemed like a weird dream. I could see soldiers marching past me with their swords and daggers on the streets. I realized that I was in Mayasmathi kingdom, which was once ruled by powerful king Bahubali.

The market was full of street vendors selling fruits, vegetables etc. As I went further, I could notice few shops that were set up to sell specific items like sculpted idols, handmade cards, handcrafted furniture, murals etc. I realized that they all had unique expertise in their respective domains. Suddenly, I noted that the niche offerings like Helpdesk and ITSM implementations/consulting that we excel in, were missing from the market. As you may have guessed, I called up our team members and set up a shop so that we could help people who wanted optimal solutions on Helpdesk and Service Management :-).

The word about our skill sets got spread and we were invited by the several leaders to implement ITSM solutions for their respective areas and businesses. We spent some time understanding their requirements, analyzing the issues, architecting and implementing the solutions.

Hell broke loose when we learned that the head of IT Operations, Katappa wanted to meet us. We were happy when we came to know that he wanted us to implement Service Management solution for entire kingdom! After we understood his requirements, we gave him a plan, estimated efforts and cost towards implementation.

We were able to demonstrate how the kingdom can get productive, how the issues or changes can be managed effectively, how all the weapons could be stored/tracked in Asset Management and CMDB and how licensing data can help avoid illegal activities. He was amazed to see how the grievances brought to court could be resolved on time using SLA module. He couldn’t believe his eyes that people could access solutions using our Knowledge Management module. His chest was swollen with pride when he saw how our solution can help in taking critical decisions, planning, budgets and training activities as value added activities with real-time data.

He was thrilled after reviewing our plan. He handed over a note along with an advance payment, asking us to share it only with them who are passionate about ITSM :-). The note revealed the secret – “I killed Bahubali as he wasn’t willing to consider my request to migrate from existing expensive and meaningless product to a cost effective and an optimal ITSM solution!”

As you can note, Katappa understood the importance of efficient Service Management and always took necessary actions towards it. Do you? 😉

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