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Benefits of ITIL Certification

Digital services are the most sought after and end  product these days: more and more companies are buying into – and selling – digital services, instead of tangible, heavy, customized options. Digital services typically rely on ongoing project management that focus on the service’s objectives while also paying attention to inevitable issues in developing, delivering, and maintaining the service. A good IT service management approach is knowing exactly how to integrate all these ever-changing factors into your development process.

As ITIL strives to address this inherent potential and risk, common business advantages that result in an ITIL approach include:

  • Decreasing time, money, and other resources spent on the entire service development lifecycle
  • Improving the overall quality of the end product
  • Boosting staff morale
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.

Businesses may see explicit improvements, too, such as:

  • A better, more tangible understanding of your customers, their needs, and their expectations
  • Development of a guide that predicts and reacts to a service’s issues
  • Increased productivity
  • Improvement management of resourced
  • Risk management that decreases or prevents service disruption
  • A stable development environment that isn’t rigid, allowing for flexibility
  • Better alignment across IT and other business departments

Considerations for ITIL certification

Industry experts as well as those certified in ITIL often agree that certification behooves both the individual and the company. A recent survey of 117 people who have earned at least intermediate-level ITIL certification found the following:

  • 76% of those surveyed said that intermediate and advanced certifications made them more marketable, and nearly 59% said that they were better able to compete with an intermediate-level ITIL certification.
  • 55% felt they had improved their overall effectiveness on the job, and 47% reported that their employees improved efficiency in cost and time. (This indicates that an ITIL-certified employee may have a larger impact on colleagues and teams.)
  • 5% felt that their knowledge helped employees improve their overall risk management. (This is surprisingly low, especially when many proponents of ITIL say that certification can help mitigate risk.)

Large, global companies can often more easily justify the cost of ITIL certifications for a number of employees. In such companies, it’s common for any IT professional, from sysadmins to project managers to CIOs, to obtain some level of ITIL certification. These same companies often also have dedicated ITIL coaches and mentors.

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), on the other hand, often have a hard time justifying the cost of fully certifying and implementing ITIL. But experts say these SMBs may want to consider the opposite: a failed IT project is often much more disastrous to your bottom line than the proactive approach of ITIL certification.

It may never be a complete guarantee that an ITIL certification is worth the investment, both for you and your company. With anything, you’ll often get out of the process exactly what you put into it. But, because ITIL builds on previous experience, you can try it out with entry-level certifications before fully committing to the long-term promise of ITIL Mastery.

With two decades of experience in consulting and implementing ITSM Solutions, we also deliver onsite and public trainings to the corporate sector across the globe.

Our industry experienced trainers will make sure that each and every aspect of the course is profoundly explained.

We are specialized in IT Service management trainings which comprises of ITIL® Foundation and Intermediate®, we provide the best Training and consulting services for corporates.

ITIL® Foundation Course:

Our ITIL® Foundation course is designed to make the attendees understand the basics of ITSM and have them certified in ITIL® Foundation course, after completing the training course the candidates will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of ITIL® Framework.

This course will help the candidates to understand the ITSM across industries and its impact on all the sectors, all the chapters as per the AXELOS will be covered in two days of training followed by the paper based/online exam at the exam center.

Training Includes:

  • 2 Days of Training
  • Exam cost included
  • Hard copy of the material included
  • 200 Practice tests

Please get in touch via contact us form or email us at for onsite or public training, our learning adviser will get in touch with as soon as possible.

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