I do not want salary

“I do not want salary for previous month as I have not been able to complete the deliverables, as expected”, said one of my team members.

It was the same team member who had also asked me to deduct 2 weeks of salary when we had requested few team members to work from home while shifting to our new office recently. He was feeling embarrassed that he hadn’t learnt fast enough to contribute to the organization.

Needless to mention that we didn’t deduct it or have deducted it earlier either. However, the objective of sharing this incident was to hear comments/thoughts/experience from different readers. We find very few such people who sincerely take responsibility towards completing the activity and completing it on time. Such people have a sense of belonging to the organization. They understand that they are expected to perform and contribute even if their Managers do not explicitly state the fact frequently that they get paid for contributing. As we all know organizations don’t pay salaries, the customers do. And I truly believe that we should do value addition towards every penny the customer pays us.

Of course, it is important for managers to enable the team members and give them necessary freedom and ammunition to complete the deliverables.

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