Business centered approach via IT

Today BSM is regarded as A necessary business evil in this World of competitiveness!   As Business Service Management is an approach that helps in understanding how technology, including incidents, changes and new developments, impact the business and customers as BSM is completely customer centric business approach. BSM links IT components to business goals by helping organizations improve the decision-making process for better workload management and stronger business outcomes. The best part is business service may include more than one kind of IT Service. Especially when business Services are directly customer facing. For example: online shopping, E Banking.

Let’s see how important is BSM for proficient business functioning, adding to your Business Value. BSM effectively manages business services across life-cycles. Covering every aspect of your IT infrastructure management, BSM comprises of five important areas shown below:

Request and Support: Process automation for requesting, changing and supporting business services.

Provision and Configure: Maintaining service consistency across applications, servers, networks, databases, hypervisors, and customers.

Monitor and Operate: Identifying and resolving IT issues across environments.

Plan and Govern: Effective resource management for compliance with policies and regulations.

Integrate and Orchestrate: Discover, model, visualize, and assign priority to business services.

In a most simplified manner one can conclude that  the benefits of adopting a BSM approach will vary for different organizations, but typically include:

  • improved relationship with clients , suppliers and colleagues which are often highlighted as ‘trusted business partners’;
  • service quality improvements;
  • cost reductions through improved efficiency;
  • prioritize the activity of your Staff and a reduction in service outages and the impact of outage.

According to the 2011 edition of ITIL, business service management is “the management of business services delivered to business customers. Business service management is performed by business units.”


eStomi offers consulting in BSM. Automating and streamlining your IT processes is key in business today. Business Service Management (BSM) helps you run your services in a risk-free and error-free environment. With BMC Software’s unified and comprehensive platform, businesses can look for a stable solution to simplify and automate their IT processes.

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