ITSM & BSM Socially Integrated

In the world of social era everything needs to be entertaining and less time consuming! These two key features make the use of social integration in ITSM & BSM implementations. If you are running a business that is requiring some grace for being on a golden side than others then you must include Facebook, Twitter and Google Auth integration! Because it brings your business at the whole  new level of professionalism and advancement. Let’s just get through a quick review about all of these integration’s separately for our better understanding:

  • Facebook Integration

What’s better than this! Now your customers can post issues/grievances on Facebook page or account to create Helpdesk tickets. The end requester can continue creating and updating the tickets by merely posting the details to your official Facebook Support page or to a support account. The user can also change the priority without having a need to log into the Helpdesk/ITSM solution. The requester can also close the ticket similarly.

  • Twitter integration

R&D team of eStomi continues to develop creative solutions. You can now create incidents in BMC ITSM using your twitter account. Any new tweets sent by registered users to support account will create incidents and notifications are sent as tweets. Requesters and Help Desk agents can continue the conversation in tweets which get added in work-log. This is not just used for sending tweets after tickets are created. This integration helps to manage the entire Incident Management lifecycle using Twitter.

  • Google Auth Integration

eStomi team has integrated ITSM application with Google Auth. The end users, who have Google accounts can now be authenticated while logging into ITSM application.This solution helps the customers to avoid additional logins and keeps the application more secured. No login time wastage & maintain your personal details secure because its most valuable.

The best social modes are so easy accessing when you think about being business configured.

Isn’t it wondering that Socialising is so necessary for your business advancement!

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