ManageEngine services & its accountability

ManageEngine simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget.

eStomi team has been offering solutions and services using ManageEngine implementations for a while now. ManageEngine, Service Desk Plus was recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014. eStomi has ramped up ManageEngine consulting team to provide necessary services to its customers. Some of its ManageEngine customers include one of the world’s Top 3 largest IT organizations, top financial and auto-mobile organizations as well, we are not just over embracing that’s just how you get to know the advancement of it! An exhaustive experience in upgrading ManageEngine from Professional to Enterprise editions apart from developing customized reports.

Here’s, a quick review about ServiceDesk plus:

SDP touts multi-site configuration as a feature for its help desk module, too. This feature manages your SDP installation across multiple office locations and is useful in broadly distributed organization, meaning at least crossing state lines, if not national boundaries. Overall key differentiators for SDP are easy: It’s far more mature than most of the other offerings we reviewed and it’s focused on internal ITIL-centric IT operations rather than as a tool to support customers outside the organization. That means for organizations with large user pools and significant IT budgets, SDP is definitely worth a look. But, for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) focusing on supporting purchased products, you’ll need to keep shopping or opt for one of the other tools in the ManageEngine portfolio.

eStomi’s ManageEngine IT Service Management offerings:

  • OOB Application Development and Data Configuration: configurations allow establishing data fields, element names, workflows and other similar settings.
  • Integrating OpManager with Service Desk Plus: If you are using both OpManager and Service Desk Plus in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets from OpManager for specific network faults. OpManager can log a ticket in Service Desk Plus with the appropriate technician, category and priority fields
  • OOB Application Customization as per the clients requirement to ensure flexibility
  • Application Support: other than the provision to EMail, SMS, and notification of alarms in other forms, alarms can also be tracked by automatically logging trouble tickets to Service Desk Plus.
  • ManageEngine Consultancy Work
  • ManageEngine Integration (LDAP, Web Service, Email and many more) with other technologies

eStomi offers skilled consultants in many areas of ManageEngine including

  1. Implementation, Development and Customizations
  2. Integration with OpManager for Network, Server, Application, Database and Storage Monitoring
  3. Discovering and scanning of assets
  4. Active Directory Management
  5. Identity Password Management & IT Self-Service
  6. Desktop and Mobile Device Management
  7. OS Deployment
  8. Bandwidth Monitoring and Traffic Analysis
  9. Data Center Visualization
  10. Firewall configuration and Log Management
  11. Business views/dashboards for specific teams
  12. Critical notifications for respective departments
  13. Application Performance Monitoring
  14. Data Configuration, Migration and Up-gradation

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