For a perfect ITSM Tool Selection

ITSM Implementation has so much to check what’s out there and to become bewitched by the functionality offered by the hundreds of ITSM tools available in today’s still-growing tool ecosystem.


  1. Make sure the real reasons for wanting to change ITSM tool has an aim – understand the true root cause(s) of the need to change your ITSM tool. This might not necessarily be that the current tool is lacking in capabilities, or is suboptimal in some processor management/governance areas. Instead, it might never have been the best option for the procuring organization – perhaps the wrong questions were asked during the previous tool-selection process. Your organization then received the wrong answers, and thus made the wrong investment decision.
  1. Know what you’re trying to achieve with ITSM (and the new tool) – because there’s a real danger that any organization seeking a new tool is overly-focused on ITSM or ITIL processes, and the features and functions that support them. These organizations are ultimately more focused on what they need to “do” – the mechanics of ITSM – than what they need to achieve by “doing” ITSM. Thus, as part of investing in a new ITSM tool (and vendor) it’s important to know why a new ITSM tool is needed and how it will ultimately benefit your organization. This understanding of desired business outcomes will also help to reinforce that ITSM and the ITSM tools are merely “the means to an end” rather than the “end” itself, and will help to identify the opportunities.
  1. Understand your organization’s true ITSM tool need – your organization will most likely follow one of two tool-selection routes (or use both): participating in a, usually 30-day, free trial of various ITSM tools and/or issuing an RFP for a group of ITSM tool vendors to rate themselves against your needs. Either way, it will hopefully help you to get a good understanding as to how well each ITSM tool and vendor meets your needs. However, organizations need to start with their desired business outcomes rather than the commonly-used features and functions available in ITSM technology. So, ensure that you know your organization’s true requirements, requirements that are based on business-outcome-based needs, not the art of the ITSM-tool possible.
  1. Know the common ITSM tool & its implementation sources – while most ITSM tools have been created with ITIL as a blueprint, they’re all different in some way. These differences can relate to a number of things, for instance:
  • The target market, such as company size and industry vertical
  • The breadth of ITSM capabilities – in terms of the ITSM processes supported • The depth of ITSM capabilities – for example, does the ITSM tool cater for a lot of ITSM processes in a “shallow” way or a limited number of processes in a “deeper” way?
  • The focus of future product improvement and innovation – and whether new releases are focused on customer wants and needs, industry trends, or both
  • The relationships the vendor has with its customers and the wider ITSM community.
  1. Understand how ITSM will impact tool-selection decision making in business – ITSM isn’t an island; and thus, new ITSM tool and vendor decisions can’t be made in isolation. Instead, an understanding of third-party requirements and compromise might be needed, for instance accommodating:
  • A corporate cloud-first strategy
  • An enterprise service management strategy – this is where ITSM thinking, best practices, and technology are used to improve the performance and outcomes of other corporate service providers such as HR and facilities
  • A service integration and management (SIAM) approach to IT service delivery and support – this is where the customer organization is using multiple service providers working together to meet the organization’s IT service delivery and support needs. We have to set a track record for zero rejections of our consultants from our customers. Do you want us to contribute significantly to your business life-cycle too? Talk to us and we assure that you will not be disappointed. Our team comprises of ITSM Practitioners, who are obsessed to deliver business solutions and services.

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