Short review of eStomi (2011-2012) journey

2011-2012 Financial year has been a fruitful for eStomi. We have doubled our customer base and employee base although merely enhancing the number of employees and customers without value addition have never been the objective of eStomi. The reader will enjoy the insights of eStomi “2011-2012” journey.

We are glad and proud to not have lost the focus to just grow the employees and take up projects that would not add value to their career paths or contribute to our customer’s business lifecycle. Thankfully, we did not get lured by lucrative offers shown by big players to buy us. Nor did we give into proposals from smaller organizations that did not have skilled professionals, to partner with them either. We did partner with ones we were confident of and where we based our relationship on trust and mutual benefits.

Our strategy to focus exclusively in ITSM market while retaining to provide consultancy only in Remedy and OTRS has paid off. We have grown our Remedy and OTRS teams stronger. The objective is to now have a COE (Center of Excellence) for these two technologies.

  • We grew our customer base to Sri Lanka while implementing ITSM solution for one of the biggest brand there.
  • We made an entry in insurance domain and have started our first onsite support as well.
  • We grew our consultants manifold at one of our Remedy customer.
  • We started providing consultancy on another open source technology as well.
  • We have signed a contract with medium sized licensed ITSM solution provider to enable them sell their solutions more effectively.

We are regarded as the spokesperson on Remedy by our customers to discuss important initiatives with their customers. Our consultants were recognized for their efforts and are made to technically lead other team members of our customer. What better recognition can we ask for?

To summarize, we have sown a good level and quality of business seeds during previous financial year to help us grow manifold now. When I refer to growth, it is an overall growth for our employees, the organization, our customers and our partners. We believed in growing together and we will continue to sharpen our focus and work towards the objectives of growing together.

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